Miracle on 34th Street, American comedy film, released in 1947

Film became a perennial family favourite at Christmastime

Although the movie was released in the summer, it became a box-office hit and ran in theatres through the holiday season

Its legacy is such that it is regularly aired on television right after Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City

And the store has frequently decorated its windows during the Christmas season with displays based on the film

The popularity of Miracle on 34th Street is due in part to the perfomances of Gwenn, who won an Academy Award, and Wood

The story inspired several remakes, including a big-screen version released in 1994 that starred Richard Attenborough in the Kris Kringle role

The film was nominated for Best Picture, losing to Gentleman's Agreement.

The Academy Film Archive preserved Miracle on 34th Street in 2009