UNESCO experts decided that the simple French flute — made only of flour, water, salt, and yeast

With the bread’s new status, the French government said it planned to create an artisanal baguette day, called the “Open Bakehouse Day,”

Despite the decline in traditional bakery numbers today, France’s 67 million people still remain voracious baguette consumers

In January, French supermarket chain Leclerc was criticized by traditional bakers and farmers

For its much publicized 29-cent baguette, accused of sacrificing the quality of the famed 65-centimeter (26-inch) loaf

A baguette normally costs just over 90 euro cents (just over $1), seen by some as an index on the health of the French economy

The humble baguette is being added to the U.N.’s list of intangible cultural heritage as a cherished tradition to be preserved by humanity.

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