Butterfly Exercise for fuller chest


Similarly to how a butterfly flaps its wings to move through the air, you may use arm flapping to build up your chest and arm muscles.
The butterfly exercise is also known as the pec deck fly or dumbbell fly in weightlifting. Regardless of the name, the butterfly exercise helps you tone your chest muscles by using appropriate form.


A chest-targeting exercise is the machine chest fly. Many people liken the motion to a bear embracing a tree trunk. This exercise frequently comes after compound exercises like the bench press in chest workouts.
Nearly the entire area over your chest is covered by the pecs. The butterfly workouts are mostly centred on movements that will control the upper, middle, lower, and inner chest area for this very reason.
Additionally, the exercise will tone and strengthen your upper body by working your biceps, triceps, and deltoids.
The chest fly and its variations are staples of many resistance-training routines because they work the chest muscles so effectively.

Method of performing butterfly

Sit on the machine with your back flat on the pad.
Take hold of the handles. Tip: Your upper arms should be positioned parallel to the floor; adjust the machine accordingly. This will be your starting position.

Push the handles together slowly as you squeeze your chest in the middle. Breathe out during this part of the motion and hold the contraction for a second.

Return back to the starting position slowly as you inhale until your chest muscles are fully stretched.
This whole movement of this exercise called one repetition.You should repeat this till your numbers.

If you’ve ever attempted the butterfly chest technique, you know how challenging it can be for novices. However, it has a lot of advantages. Among them are:


Butterfly chest exercises are excellent for this goal and yield immediate effects because they focus primarily on the chest muscles.
The minor muscles at the sides of the chest beneath the arms are also targeted by the pec deck fly in addition to the larger muscle groups like the pectoralis major.

This workout increases muscle mass and tightens the chest muscles.
Your chest size enlarges as a result, and these muscles also develop a distinct cut.
Athletes are constantly motivated to develop these muscles in order to increase their sporting performance.
Non-athletes show interest in these activities because they desire to develop a good, attractive physique and expand their chest size.
A well-built upper body also makes the waist appear smaller, which is another benefit. A woman’s bust line can be made better by strengthening her chest muscles.

after butterfly
after butterfly posing

Common mistakes

while performing butterfly on machine ,some athlete does common mistakes .
Here are some of the common mistakes ,i have observed in the gym

Over speed
While performing butterfly ,some athlete perform it very fast which is not good.It may leads them to injury.
Athlete should take care of the speed to avoid any injury.If you perform butterfly in correct speed you will get more result .

Short range of motion

This is very common mistake in the gym ,many athlete think that they will get better pump in chest muscle with short range of motion
but they may get good pump in the muscle but flexibility of the chest muscle will decrease,which is not good for the body.It may cause injury in the future.

Too much heavy weight

If you have been to gym you must have noticed that some of the athlete does ego lifting.Ego lifting is not good at all because chances of the injury are high.
When they go with too much heavy weight ,their posture gets incorrect.


Butterfly exercise is very simple exercise.It will give you better result if you perform
it in correct technique.If your technique is not good ,you cannot hit the targeted muscles
Make sure you should workout under good guidance ,Because many times you cannot know about your technique and posture
here your trainer will tell you that you are doing it correctly or not.

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