Today we immersed her Ashes

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Today is Wednesday and the date is 21st December 2022. I was not feeling well yesterday evening so I slept early because today I had some important work. Today I woke up at 6:30 am and got fresh quickly.

After that I went to my uncle’s house . Four-five of us went to the cremation ground where aunty’s last rites were performed. Today was the third day, so we had to go there to collect aunty’s bones ashes. We reached there and collect the bones ashes. And after filling the rest of the ashes, let the nearby river flow.

All 5 of us came back and hung the ashes, which we had brought with us, on a tree in the forest. Because these ashes cannot be taken back home.

After this we all went home and took our bathing clothes. There is a place Brijghat, where the ashes are immersed in the Ganga river is around 70 km from our place. we left by car.

It took us an hour and a half to reach there. After reaching there we immersed the ashes by boat in the middle of the river. And after that everyone bathed in the river and worshiped God for her soul . After worship we all came back home by car.

after ashes immersed into ganga river

Some routine work

After this, I took my bullock cart and went to the farm to get fodder for the animals. After coming from there I went to my uncle’s house and got all the small and big things done. Because of these few works, it is evening and today I could not even go to the gym.

In the house where there is a death, food is not cooked for 3 days. According to Hindu customs, some religious rituals are completed to start cooking again.

Because the whole family is in the same house, that’s why the food is cooked for everyone.
we came home after having dinner ,And I also went to sleep because it was too late.

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