Today i loaded sugarcane

Hello friends,

Today is Thursday and the date is 22 December 2022.

Today I woke up at 6:00 in the morning, got fresh and then went to my farm without having breakfast. Because today sugarcane had to be loaded in the cart, i can’t do physical hard work with full stomach . Our farm is around 1 and 1/2 km away from home.

It was too cold today and very fogy day. After reaching the farm i loaded the sugarcane on the cart, which took me an hour. You can’t imagine, it was 7 degree temperature but i was sweating. That much hard work i do ,when i load sugarcane.

cart loaded with sugarcane
Cart loaded with sugarcane

After loading the sugarcane, I came home and took bath then I had breakfast. Then I rested because I am very tired to load sugarcane. After resting for one hour I had lunch. Today I had potato cabbage and chapati with curd.

After some time, I took my bullock cart and went to my farm to bring fodder for the animals, which I do everyday. After coming back I had tea and worked on laptop for some time.

At 4:15 pm ,I went to gym. Today I did triceps workout. While coming from gym i had egg omelette . It is very tough task in the winter to ride bike. After reaching home , I had dinner. In dinner i ate 2 wheat chapati with vegetables . After dinner my both daughter Hiya and Meenal played with me . We played some indoor games . After played with my both kids for sometime then we all went to sleep around 9:30 pm.

Thank you for reading .

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