Pyramid training with push-ups exercise

Pyramid training for push ups is that in which we increase resistance and decrease the number of repetitions as we complete a pyramid set.

We begin with a smaller  repetitions, gradually raising the  repetitions throughout the workout, just  like the shape of a pyramid.

What is push ups exercise ?

Although simple, the push up exercise is one of the fundamental exercises for developing the upper  body. 

The push up exercise is frequently done in gym classes and training facilities all around the world.   It has  developed into something of a standard among athletes. 

push ups

Push ups are an effective way to try to target the chest, triceps, anterior deltoids, and the entire  core for people who, for whatever reason, can’t make it to the gym. Push ups are under the category  of compound movement.

Overall, due to its practicality of requiring no equipment and the progressions . It offers to meet a range of ability levels, the push up exercise is a necessity for almost every training  program.

Learn  Push-Ups before pyramid training

pyramid training push ups

Place your feet close together and your arms with your palms facing the ground while lying on your  back. 

The wrist and elbow should line properly when the arms are spread wide enough.

Exhale, then extend your arms and lift your body off the ground by engaging your core muscles to  keep your back from bowing. 

The palms and toes should be the only parts of the body that touch the ground.

Inhale, then slowly lower your body back to the ground while flexing your arms until they are at a 90-degree angle.

Repeat as necessary to reach the desired number of repetitions.

Technique of Performing pyramid training for push ups

Start your push ups with two reps only.Get up and take a rest of 15 seconds.

Now you have to perform four reps of push ups.Again get up and take rest for 15 seconds.

Every time ,increase 2 reps of push ups.Keep the resting time 15 seconds.

Continue this process till 20 reps per set.Resting time you can increase to 30 second.

Till now , you increased the number of reps but now you decreased the number of reps by 2.

Perform 18 push ups .Take 30 seconds rest.Again decrease 2 reps and perform 16 reps with same resting time.

Continue this process till you reach zero reps.Now your pyramid training for push ups is completed.

In beginning , you can modified the rep range according to your strength. But don’t comfort yourself.

Pyramid training for push ups is best to burst plateau of chest muscles.

girl is performing pyramid training push ups in the show

Best part of pyramid training for push ups is , you can perform it anywhere.You don’t need anything .

Other Variations on push ups

A good approach to make the push up workout more challenging is to add more resistance to the upper back area. It should be noted that low back pain and injury could occur if the resistance is positioned too far below shoulder level.

Your requirement for stability will increase when you perform push ups with your feet resting on an exercise ball, thus more muscles will be called upon to help.

Knees touching the ground while performing the push up exercise. Reduces the amount of stability and force that must be used to finish each repeat. Beginners should use this approach.

The mechanics of an incline press are mimicked by elevating the feet, which increases recruitment of the upper body.

In order to make up for the uneven surface, decreased stability, and single-arm loading pattern. To perform a push up exercise with one hand on top of a  medicine balls is necessary.

The triceps will be recruited more when you perform the push up exercise with your arms curled  further into your sides and both hands on a medicine ball. 

Additionally, the necessity for stability is increased in this form, which results in an increased  engagement of the muscles in the core.

The plyometric variation of the push up exercise is carried out in a rapid, explosive manner that  causes the hands to momentarily lose  touch with the ground.

You can add more variation to it . You can perform pyramid training after your chest workout session. This will help you for complete pump in the muscle.

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