Our Cow delivered the baby

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Today is Sunday and the date is 18 December 2022 , but for me it is similar to other day . Because farmer can’t take leave. Today I wake up at 2 am in the midnight by my mother. Because our cow gave the birth to female baby. Till the morning we took care for her and her new born baby just like nursing staff in the hospital . Our cow delivered the baby first time. This whole experience was new for her.

our cow with newly born baby

Our cow was very concerned about her baby , just like every mother. We struggled a lot . But somehow we able to managed every thing well. At around 6 o clock i went to my sugarcane farm to load the sugarcane on to cart. Loading sugarcane in the cart is a hard physical work. I count this hard work as my cardio exercise. It took around 1 hour to load sugarcane . Loaded sugarcane’s cart went to the sugar factory,which is 6 km away from my farm. After finishing this ,i came back to home.

My wife’s brother came to our home to see the cow. He has a good experience of animals behaviour. He guide us . At around 11.30 am in the morning , i had a lunch. After lunch again i had to go to the farm with my bullcart to bring sugarcane green leaves . I completed this , i went to see my aunt (My father’s elder brother’s wife). She is critical . She is suffering from liver cancer. After coming back from their place ,i finished my some other work.

From evening to till now ,(when i am writing my blog ) i am feeling sleepy. After finish my dinner , i will go to sleep.

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