6th sense theory

Since ancient times, people have debated the idea of the 6th sense. 

It is frequently portrayed in popular culture as an extrasensory or supernatural skill. It enables people to  experience things other than with their five conventional senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. 

While the idea of a sixth sense is frequently linked to eerie or supernatural experiences. 

It may also refer to the human body’s innate capacity to recognise and make sense of subtle sensations that the conscious mind could miss. 

The different definitions and interpretations of the sixth sense will be discussed in this article.

Meditation helps to activate 6th senses

Different interpretation about 6th sense

Ability to perceive

One interpretation of the sixth sense is the ability to perceive or sense things that are beyond the range of the five traditional senses. This could include the ability to see ghosts or other supernatural entities, or to predict future events through precognition or clairvoyance. While there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. Some people believe that they have experienced these abilities and attribute them to their sixth sense.

Ability to detect subtle stimuli

Another interpretation of the 6th sense is the ability to detect subtle stimuli that are not noticeable to the conscious mind. This could include things like the feeling of someone staring at you from behind. And the sense that you are being watched even when you can’t see anyone around you. Some people believe that this ability is a result of the body’s natural ability to pick up on subtle cues and stimuli that are not necessarily perceptible to the conscious mind.

Gut feeling

There is also the idea of the “gut feeling” or intuition, which is often referred to as the 6th sense. This refers to the ability to make decisions or come to conclusions based on a feeling or instinct rather than on logical reasoning or evidence. While it is not clear exactly how this works. Some researchers believe that the brain processes and interprets subtle stimuli from the environment and uses this information to inform our decision-making processes.

Concept of synesthesia

The idea of synesthesia, a condition in which one sense (like hearing) is unintentionally linked to another  sense, is yet another facet of the sixth sense (such as sight). 

A person with synesthesia, for instance, might perceive colours when they hear certain sounds or link certain tastes to certain hues. 

Synesthesia involves the perception of stimuli in a way that is not generally experienced by most individuals.

Embodied cognition

There is also the concept of “embodied cognition,” which describes how the physical environment and body might affect cognitive processes. 

Some studies think that our perception and understanding of the environment around us are influenced by  the body’s feeling of balance, movement, and spatial awareness. 

Given that it entails the capacity to recognise and understand sensations. That aren’t always obvious to the  conscious mind, this might be seen as a type of sixth sense.


In conclusion, the concept of the sixth sense is a complex and multifaceted. One that has been interpreted in various ways over the centuries. While there is no scientific evidence to support the idea of extrasensory abilities, such as precognition or clairvoyance. It is clear that the human body is capable of perceiving and interpreting subtle stimuli that may not be noticeable to the conscious mind. Whether this is due to natural abilities, synesthesia, or embodied cognition, the sixth sense remains a fascinating aspect of human perception and consciousness.

My Personal view on 6th sense

People have lots of theories about 6th sense. Without senses you can’t imagine life.

You must have heard about sensors in your daily life. Lots of sensors works for us daily.
Example : Modern cars have lots of sensor like rain sensor ,temperature sensor,airbag sensor, tyres pressure sensor etc.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is based on sensor technology.
Just like these sensor, human body also has six senses But only five senses we can see . We all know about these five senses
Eyes,nose,ear,tongue and skin.

Nostradamus and Baba Vanga are the example of activated 6th senses, you all know ,they predict the future . But how they able to see the future? The answer is ,because of their 6th senses.

expert of 6th senses

It needs years of years practice to activate 6th sense. But once you able to activate this sense,you will became superhuman.You will able to sense like a bird .

Still sometime when you are in super deep sleep ,your 6th sense activates for a while . But you can’t notice that because you don’t have control over 6th senses.

You notice that when any climate disaster about to happens like earthquake,birds always sense these changes before its happen. This is because of their special power. Nature has given them this power.

In today’s life we totally depend on machines.We have decreased the usage of mind. We use many different tools in today’s life.we have dependent on these tools .

Lets take the example of Smartphone. Smartphone has changed your life completely.Whatever you want, you can get it from your drawing room(bedroom,bathroom too). You don’t need to burn a calorie for purchasing anything from wallmart. Just order from your phone and get it at your doorstep.

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