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fast weight loss
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Fast weight loss through prescription drugs or extreme dieting is the direction most people who want to lose weight fast end up taking. Fast weight loss like this is a very big mistake but a very common mistake as well.
Thousands of people make this mistake everyday.

This type of approach never works. What happens is that you will reduce your body weight but it’s all water and muscle. And when you lose muscle you slow down your metabolism.
Then of course you put all the fat back on very quickly but end up back at the same weight you started with (or higher). But in addition to that you have a much higher body fat percentage.

This makes fast weight loss even more difficult in the future and greatly worsens your health and over-all quality of life.
If you are concerned that you’re not seeing any results in your weight loss efforts you most likely have a very bad diet, a nutrient deficiency and are not exercising for optimal results.

This is even more so if you’ve tried prescription drugs or extreme dieting in the past and could be one of the main reasons you’re not seeing any positive fast reduction of weight & fitness results yet.
And you have to realize that fast weight loss doesn’t mean over-night, fast weight loss will take some time, but if you do it properly from the start it will happen for you.

Keep patience

Usually you’ll start to see good weight loss results after about 30 days or so and then things will accelerate after that – if you do everything properly!
Now it’s very important that you understand the following: For successful weight loss you need to first improve your health. When you measurably improve your health, your fitness level will improve.
When you become healthy and fit the physical results you’re looking for, from your weight loss efforts, will come very quickly and easily.
But you have to understand that successful weight loss & fitness has to be done in this order:

  • Health for improved weight loss & fitness;
  • Fitness improvements then;
  • Physical weight loss & fitness results.

Unfortunately most people want the physical results immediately but it is impossible without drastic health improvements first.
It’s very important for successful weight loss & fitness that you improve your health first. The main way to quickly improve your health for fast weight loss & fitness, in addition to exercise and proper nutrition is to eliminate all nutrient deficiencies.
You’ll find out how to do all of this for fast weight loss further down the page, but first…

Fast Weight Loss & Insulin

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Insulin is a very important hormone when it comes to fast weight loss. It’s made by your pancreas and is released into your blood stream when you eat carbohydrates.

It’s important to note however, that when it comes to weightloss & fitness not all carbohydrates are the same. Some will release large amounts of glucose making successful weightloss very difficult, while others do not.
Glucose is converted by your liver into glycogen to be used as energy. Your body has a limited storage capacity for glycogen so the excess is basically converted back into fat!

This is one of the reasons fast weight reduction & fitness is very hard to achieve for most people.
There are however many ways to combat this and prevent insulin from causing additional weight problems from happening. The main reason for insulin causing weight problems include:

  • A lack of structured and consistent exercise;
  • Stress;
  • Poor nutrition;
  • Aging;
  • Deficiencies in various minerals such as chromium, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids etc.;
  • Not enough consumption of protein;
  • Too many carbohydrates.

It’s very important to note that all individuals suffering from weight loss & fitness problems have various nutrient deficiencies.
But it’s very easy to eliminate nutrient deficiencies & prevent weight problems

Fast Weight Loss & Your Sex Life

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Sexual health problems in both men and women are rapidly on the rise. It is even more prevalent in those with weightloss & fitness issues.
This can be explained by a number of biological reasons. Including the fact that as your weight increases your cardiovascular health gets worse. Also your hearts ability to pump blood through your arteries weakens.

This of course has a direct connection to someone’s ability to perform sexually.
Insulin resistance, common in those with weightloss & fitness problems, has a direct negative impact on your testosterone.
Any man with weight issues will suffer from many different side effects of being overweight, including chronic fatigue and loss of libido.
And of course a man suffering with weightloss & fitness problems almost always will require some sort of high blood pressure medication, which virtually destroys your sex life completely.

Supplements Play An Essential Role
In Fast Weight Loss

It would be nice if there wasn’t a need for dietary supplements for your weight or any other reason for that matter, but sadly this will never be the case.

One of the biggest problems with weight problems is finding food that will help with the problem in general, sustain your bodily systems and keep your body functioning properly.
Even though there isn’t any shortage of food in the western world, when you take a close look at the actual nutritious value of the food you’ll easily understand why so many people have a problem with their weight in the first place.


Because most of the food is missing essential nutrients needed for weight control and good health in general. It’s a proven fact!
Regardless of how much effort you put into trying to get all the nutrients you need through food for successful weight management, it’s impossible to do so.
Certain dietary and nutritional supplements are essential for superior health and are even more crucial for fast weight reduction.

People with weight problems also tend to be under more stress both at home and at work so the need for certain nutrients increases even more.
So exactly what types of nutritional supplements are needed for fast weight loss?
The exact same supplements you need for superior health in general.
This would include a high quality “support” supplement. This type of health supplement has to contain a complete range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal extracts, enzymes and other specialty nutrients.

Unfortunately the basic multi – vitamin / mineral supplement you find in your local health food store or pharmacy won’t do anything for this type of health problem.
And don’t be tricked into thinking that more is better when it comes to vitamin supplements. Many people overdose regularly on many vitamins and minerals and create nutrient imbalances.
The types of ingredients in a vitamin supplement are as important as the quantity of each ingredient.

Valuable Summary Of What You
Need To Know About Fast Weight

It comes down to this, fast weight loss is simple but it does require some effort on your part. You know what you need to do to lose weight and regain your health, just make it happen – Now!

Remember for fast weight reduction, you need to avoid refined and processed foods, avoid all types of sugar, increase the amount of protein you consume daily, decrease your carbohydrates, and most importantly…

You need to follow a proper weight loss diet and weight loss exercise program.
You also must take high-quality dietary supplements daily and immediately, to remain healthy and ensure that you don’t have any nutrient deficiencies and to make fast weight loss a reality.
And there’s not much point in trying to take single nutrients for fast weight loss if your body is lacking a balance of other essential nutrients.

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