6th sense theory

six sense

Since ancient times, people have debated the idea of the 6th sense.  It is frequently portrayed in popular culture as an extrasensory or supernatural skill. It enables people to  experience things other than with their five conventional senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.  While the idea of a sixth sense is frequently linked to eerie or supernatural experiences.  It may also refer to the human body’s innate capacity to recognise and make sense of subtle sensations that the conscious mind could miss.  The different definitions and interpretations of the sixth sense will be discussed in this article. Different interpretation about 6th sense Ability to perceive One interpretation of the sixth sense is the ability to perceive or …

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Can black seed oil cure infection !!

The fruit seeds of the Nigella sativa plant are used to make black seed oil.  After being extracted from the seeds,the oil is rich in volatile acids and substances, including myristicin acids, palmitic acid, and other  strong antioxidants, . The most important fact that needs to be borne in mind . That black seed oil was primarily used for medicinal purposes when …

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