A day of an Indian farmer

Hello friends

Today date is 22 December 2022 day is Friday . Today my eyes opened at 5:30 am. In the cold weather, though I don’t feel like getting up but i am a farmer also, so i have to leave the bed. After a while, I drank tea. Then I went to freshen up. After getting fresh I started my laptop and got some data Analyzed about my online work.
Today, morning was very cold with fog. Today i took bath before everybody in the house and i had my breakfast. Normally i get late in having breakfast.
After doing some small household chores, I came back to my other farm. It looks like all happens so comfortably but it takes me 2 hours, while writing here only seems like it is done in a jiffy.
I always have lunch around 12:00 because I have to go to the gym at 4:15 in the evening, so I eat early so that the food gets digested by then.

Shortly after lunch, i with bullock cart went to the farm to bring green fodder . This work is a daily mandatory for the farmer. If a farmer don’t have a domestic animals , then 75 % of daily work will reduce.

Random thought

Ever since my aunt passed away in our family, since then the mind is also a little upset, different things keep roaming in the mind, the pain that comes after losing a loved one, the mind is still in the same frame. But life never stops for anybody . It should not be stopped . Death is the only truth. If u think about life deeply , then you will find nothing. Whatever we achieved in life ,not a single item you can take with you from earth. Most of us forget this through out our life. Live your life honestly. Don’t cheat anybody.

Today I drank coffee at 3:30 pm. It works as pre-workout before going to gym. At 4:15 pm, I left home for gym. Today I was alone in gym, because my friends didn’t come to gym today .

a farmer also workout in gym

I performed leg workout. I came home after the gym workout for about one and a half hours
After coming home, I went to my uncle’s house because there is an atmosphere of mourning in his house, so it is necessary to go there.
There were some relatives with whom I talked for about 1 hour and returned to my home, just a while back I have had dinner and now I am writing this post and after that I will go to sleep around 9:30.

I hope you have read previous daily blog. Thank you for reading.

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