A big loss to the family

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My self Amit . Today is Monday and the date is 19 December 2022. Today is very tough day for our family. I lost my aunt . She is no more between us.

Every thing was going well from the morning . I was completing the daily routine work. At around 1.30 pm i received one phone call of my relative . He gave this bad news to me that your aunt is no more in this world. I was shocked by the news, i immediately make a call to my uncle.

a bigg loss
My Aunty

Till then he was also not aware about aunt death. Then my cousin brother informed that she is no more in this world. Lots of emotions started flow together, i was crying for her ,this is a big loss specially for my cousin brother. At that time i was going to my farm with my bullcart , to bring green leaves of sugarcane.

I informed my nears and dears . I quickly came back to village and went to my uncle’s home. Everybody was crying after seeing aunt’s dead body.

Liver cancer Diagnosed

Aunt was suffering from liver cancer, which was diagnosed in the last stage. She was not being able to eat anything from last many days. Her treatment was going on . Today also my cousin brother take her to the doctor. She was critically weak from last many days.

When they were returning to the home , in between the way she took her last breath. And all the hopes of her recovery had also died with her.

Relatives has started coming to my cousin’s house. Me and my other cousin brother went to market to shop the material which needs for funeral . We did all the rituals followed in our religion .

It was around 6.30 in the evening, after funeral relatives had started going back to their places . Now it is 9.30 pm in the night i am writing this post.

This is all happened today in my life. Thanks for reading.

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