20 December in my daily life

Hello Friends

Today is Tuesday and the date is 20 December 2022. If you are continuously reading my post
then you will know that yesterday on 19th December 2022 my aunty passed away, the whole family is
in mourning since yesterday.

Those relatives who had come from far away had stayed at our home. So
today I got up early, made arrangements for their breakfast, and along with that I also
dealt with the necessary tasks of my daily routine.

Then I brought food to my uncle’s house, because food is not available at his house.Food can’t be made for 3 days, there is some religious ritual behind it, which is necessary. After that i went to my farm, to get green leaves of sugarcane from my bullock cart, for my animals.
Around 4:00 pm I went to the gym as usual, although I didn’t feel like it, but still did a little workout and
after that I came home by bike.

Amit choudhary in  at gym

I have just brought dinner to my uncle’s house. In Indian Hindu culture, If anyone died in the house, you should not prepare food in that house till three days, which is called ‘TEEJA‘ in our local language.

Now after having my dinner I will go to sleep because tomorrow I have some important work, I have to get up early. Good night from my side . Thank you for reading.

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