17 December in my life

Today it’s 17 December of 2022 and the day is Saturday. I started my day at 5 o clock in the morning . After leaving bed , i went to the toilet. After this process, i opened my laptop ,I had one very important project to complete online. Every body was sleeping except me and my mother. My mother always get up at nearby 5 o clock. Normally ,i take bath before breakfast but today because of the project i had a breakfast directly. I spend around 6 hours on the laptop screen . I completed the project till 12 o clock . After this mental session ,i took bath and had a lunch.Then i went to my farm with my bull cart , to bring some sugarcane green leaves for my cows and for my ox.

17 December project

It took around 1 hour to come back from the farm. After finishing my farm work ,i spend the most quality time of the day with my younger daughter  Meenal. Meenal is just 3 years old . We played with each other . She always keep firing of questions and complain at me and i always try to answer her. At around 4.20 pm I went to gym . I  performed shoulder exercise around 60 minutes .  In winters, days are small compare to summer in India. So it was getting dark at 6 pm so i came back to my home. I had a dinner . Now i am writing this blog and i am felling quite tired today.After this i will quickly go to sleep . That’s how  my Saturday spent. Thank you for reading. Please comment for any complain and suggestions.

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